Another club ride, wild boar and a 2 week break.

At the weekend I went on another club ride and although a bit  foggy to start the sun soon came out as we approached Cangas de Onis. The route took us through a Parque Natural in the area of Piloña with winding country roads that follow the course of the river that runs through the valley. The only problem with the ride was that I wanted to stop and go fishing as there are some great Salmon fisheries in that area.

It was a bigger group than with my first club ride but everyone seemed really nice. The pace was quite fast but I had no problems keeping up which I was quite relieved about. Approaching Sellañu I knew we would soon come to quite a tough climb so decided to answer a call of nature before it started. Of course that meant I was left on my own to climb the hill so I have no idea whether I would have kept up with the others but probably not. I actually overtook some of the riders at the beginning of the climb which may sound impressive but I must confess they were in their 60’s so slowed once we got to the climb. Although in their 60’s and one being somewhat portlier than myself it’s amazing the speed they go on the flats, I can just about keep up with them. They had ridden from Pola de Siero in the morning so instead of a 100km ride, their ride was going to end up being around 140km. Approaching Nava the more portly of the two was beginning to tire (I was pretty tired by then myself and the legs didn’t have too much left in them) so I ended up chucking their bikes in my van and drove them from Nava back to Pola which they seemed very grateful for.

During the climb I could hear a few shouts from behind me, and it turned out that Mario and someone else, who had dropped back to see that the other guys knew the route, were coming round a bend and a wild boar ran out in the road. It stayed there long enough for him to get a photo which I will publish if I get hold of a copy but until then here is a pic of one downloaded from the internet. There are lots of wild boar in Asturias but you rarely get to see them so it was a bit of a bonus.

Wild Boar







So all in all a great morning out; good weather, nice people, wild animals and great scenery. Unfortunately I have to wait a few weeks until my next club ride as I am off to the UK for a bike less holiday but I have ridden hard over the last few months so I’m hoping the rest will do me good.

Here are the ride stats and profile but ignore the heart rate as I didn’t really reach 240bpm, think the heart rate monitor is on the blink.


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