Doctors Orders

I have quite a few good rides and new routes to write about but simply haven’t got the time to write and sort out the photos and videos until next week – so here’s a quickie about my visit to the physiotherapist.

You probably won’t see many posts from me after next week, as I have been told by my physiotherapist to rest up and not ride the bike. I decided to go see him (my first ever visit) as I still had that niggling calf problem, and also because my legs just seemed to lack any energy. On recent group rides I was dropping off the back much quicker than normal and my pace up the climbs has really slowed (It didn’t stop me climbing Los Lagos last Friday).

In brief, he told me my muscles were worn out and needed a good rest, so I should stay off the bike for at least two weeks. I have the Sportive Los Lagos de Covadonga this Saturday, which is a 110km ride with 4000 participants, up two tough climbs and finishing atop Los Lagos de Covadonga. Of course the physio wasn’t impressed by this news and recommended not doing it, but I’ve never been one to obey doctors orders, so I’ll be at the start line on Saturday. I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t finish it but I’ll give it my best and try to latch on to a pensioners wheel at the back.

Once the Sportive is over I’ll wind down with a few short rides next week before taking a 3 week break. Actually the timing is perfect as I am off to the UK in a few weeks and won’t be able to ride anyway. Watching the Tour de France in Cambridge should motivate me to get straight back on the bike when I return to Asturias. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into shape for the Pyrenean trip in August.

3 thoughts on “Doctors Orders

  1. Good luck with the ride, we went up to the lagos in the bus with the kids last time we went to Asturias, I was a bit jealous of the cyclists!

    • Thanks! 🙂 The ride was last Saturday and I’m happy to say I managed to finish it. Was a great event, hopefully you can make it over one year and take part. A post and video of the ride is coming soon 🙂

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