Alto la Torneria & ride summary

I’ve now added the climb of the Alto la Torneria to the climb section. It’s a climb often featured in the Vuelta a España and also featured in the Clasica Los Lagos de Covadonga. Here’s the link:

All things considered it hasn’t been a bad week back on the bike. I have ridden 250k up until today and the legs are feeling OK. I’ve climbed almost 3000m this week but haven’t pushed too hard and most of the climbs have been pretty easy ones.

I will probably ride again tomorrow but probably not with the club as I still need to take it easy. Next week the climbing training starts and I plan to do hill intervals and at the end of the week climb La Cobertoria, which is meant to be a bit of a brute and should be good preparation for my trip to the Pyrenees.

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