On Sunday I rode with my club Nava 2000 on what was meant to be a planned route. We set off as per route and climbed La Campa de San Juan (a short but tough little climb averaging 8% https://www.strava.com/segments/4786584 ), before heading down to El Entrego.

I’m not sure why but at El Entrego it was decided to change the route. We headed back to Pola via La Gargantada and then carried on to Oviedo. I’ve climbed El Naranco (https://bikeasturias.wordpress.com/climbs/alto-de-naranco) several times but it was suggested that we climb it from the other side. I didn’t even know you could climb it from the other side so I was somewhat nervous because it was obviously a climb not many people do, no doubt due to some sort of obstacle. Well the obstacle turned out to be ramps of 25% on road surfaces that left something to be desired.

It’s actually a lovely little climb but it really is steep and the final ramps, though short, exceed 20%. It was very similar to riding up the L’Angliru, a fate I have in store sometime in August.  The climb’s predominantly tree lined and the shade from the trees was most welcome as the temperature was around 27 degrees.

At the top I think I should have taken a left turn because I never saw the rest of the club riders again that day. They were either in front or behind me while I was climbing (mainly in front 🙁 ) and it was one of those climbs where you just put your head down and grind, without much awareness of what’s going on around you. I just kept going along the road and ended up back in Oviedo where I phoned the others, but finally decided I would carry on home instead of trying to meet up with them again.


The climb is called the Alto Violeo and here are the stats:

Distance: 3.5km

Average Gradient: 8% (The first 2km averages over 12%)

Max Gradient: 25%

Highest Elevation: 447m

Difficulty: Extreme

Road conditions: Not great but at that speed it doesn’t make too much difference. Wheel spin very likely if wet, mine spun in the dry it’s that steep in places.

Strava Link: https://www.strava.com/segments/4225928

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