Sportive – Marcha Cicloturismo International Bilbao Bilbao

For the last 9 years my friends Rufi and Ian have taken part in the Marcha Cicloturismo International Bilbao Bilbao , a 115km sportive in, you guessed it, Bilbao. This year I had the pleasure of joining them and several other friends along with another 7709 participants.


The event really is a social Sportive as there are no timing chips and therefore nobody treats it like a race. I’ve never seen so many cyclists in all my life but the event was incredibly well organised with various recommended start times (depending on ability), a well organised feed stop and no hold ups whatsoever.


Although 115km long, the course itself isn’t too challenging as it is designed to be achievable by most levels of cyclist.

All in all it’s a great event and I would certainly recommend it. I’ll certainly be taking the family again next year.

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