L’Angliru – A welcome return to the Vuelta a España 2017

Most of you have probably already heard that the L’Angliru will once again feature in the Vuelta in 2017. The cost and logistical nightmare of holding a summit finish atop the L’Angliru means it doesn’t feature as often as it should, but it has become probably the most iconic climb of the Vuelta; even overshadowing Los Lagos de Covadonga. Indeed, as the hardest climb on the World Tour the L’Angliru certainly draws the crowds both during the race itself and throughout the summer when people travel from all over the world to come and climb it.

If you look up the routes and dates of the Vuelta 2017 you will probably find mention of it being in the last week on the 7th or 8th September. However, I have it on very good authority (from contacts within the Vuelta organisation itself) that the L’Angliru will be the penultimate stage held on Saturday 9th September. Traditionally the L’Angliru has always been held over the weekend due to its popularity, so it seems quite likely it will be on a Saturday. But of course nothing is official until 12th January 2017.

The other stage is meant to finish in Sotres (which made its first appearance in 2015). This is also a great stage, offering spectacular scenery and challenging climbs with the final ramps to the summit reaching 20%. All talk will be about the L’Angliru though and I’m sure it will be quite a spectacle – we await with bated breath.

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