Casielles (EA)

When riding in Asturias one thing you notice is there are few climbs that have the hairpin bends that can be found on so many of the French climbs. So on Stage 18 of the Tour de France 2015 when the riders started climbing the incredible Lacets de Montvernier, most people would think that Asturias could never match such a climb.


Lacets de Montvernier

However, Asturias is full of surprises. This one being the climb of Casielles which has many similarities. One significant difference however, is the steepness of Casielles in relation to it’s French sister. With an average gradient of 13%, it is considerably harder with ramps of over 20%.



The climb is in the East of Asturias very close to the border with Leon. It can be reached if you ride from Cangas de Onis up the N-625 which is in fact the climb of Ponton, although this in itself is a 47km long climb.

Here are the stats:

Distance: 2.4 km or 3.6km from El Puente de Ponton

Average Gradient: 13% or 11% from Puente de Ponton

Highest elevation 653m

Elevation Gain: 318m

Difficulty: Very tough

Strava Segment:


More info and video on the climb coming soon

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