Welcome to the climb Page. You will be able to see all the climbs simply by hovering over the climb Tab on the Left side Menu or by entering the Climb page and clicking on the respective Area.

As well as the main geographical Regions I have included the Cider Region and a Mining Region. I have included these regions as they are both of great importants to Asturias and are both near to where I live. It’s a little tricky to define the limits of these regions and many of the climbs may cross over (some climbs will be included in more than one of the Regions below). I have no doubt that local Asturians will question the boundaries I have assigned each region and I am fully aware that the mining region is much larger but I hope they will forgive me for chopping up Asturias.
Map-Of-Asturias Regions


I hope you find these pages useful and Happy climbing!

Central Asturias (CA)

Western Asturias (WA)

Eastern Asturias (EA)

Southern Asturias (SA)

Cider Region (Ci)

Mining Region (Mi)

Other climbs outside of Asturias and Spain

With special thanks to ,  and for the profile diagrams and info and for climb info.

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