Alta de La Faya los Lobos (Mi)

The climb is on the AS251 as you turn off the AS17 at Barredos not far from Sotrondio. It’s a pleasant climb and although quite long it’s not too taxing. It’s not particularly consistent either and offers several less steep stretches to recover. The maximum gradient is about 10% but these are very short sections most often on the sharp curves. There are some spectacular mountain views of the National Park of Redes but they are mainly behind you so it’s well worth stopping at the top and looking back.

I’ve used the profile as there didn’t seem to be any other good ones and I would say it’s pretty accurate.

Falla los Lobos desde Barredos

Here are the stats:

Distance – 6.9km

Max elevation – 650m

Total Climb – 365m

Average Gradient . 5.3%

Max Gradient – 10%

Difficulty  – A good workout (moderate)  Stava Cat 2 –

2013-08-25 12.52.53

View back to Redes

2013-08-25 12.52.59

At the Top

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