Alta de la Fumarea (CA)

The Alta de Fumarea is a climb that runs from just outside of Pola de Siero to Gijon. It is an ideal route to get to Gijon or the coast from inland, offering spectacular views and a challenging climb.

From El Castru

The climb is 4.7km from El Castru to the top with an average gradient of 6.6% but the last kilometer is probably the most challenging with gradients of up to 12%. Once you arrive at El Castru the first stretch of the climb is very shallow until you round the first main bend. From there the climb ramps up to 8% or 9% and stays consistently at this gradient until the false flat about 2 kilometers further on. After a short flattish stretch the climb kicks in again and the last kilometer is between 8 and 11% until you reach the summit. It has quite a steep decent the other side through a very attractive valley until finely connecting to the N-632. From there you have the option to head for Gijon or head for the coast in the direction of Villaviciosa.

One of the best things about this route is the view back inland once near the top. It really is spectacular as it offers a panoramic view of the Picos de Europa and is well worth suffering the steep climb for.

From Candanal

The climb to Fumarea from Candanal is even tougher than from Castru. Averaging almost the same at 6.7% it is, never-the-less considerably longer at 7km. The first kilometer is pretty irregular with no consistent gradient and not too steep (ignore the profile below because it doesn’t average 8%). However, it soon starts to ramp up to 8% after that and stays pretty consistent all the way. Like on the other side the last kilometer is probably the hardest with stretches into gradients of double figures (again ignore the below profile). All in all it’s a pretty tough climb but is very picturesque and well worth the effort.

Alta de Fumarea Strava segment from El Castru:

Alta de Fumarea Strava segment from Candanal:

VIDEO of the climb to Fumarea fron El Castru:

Here are the Stats:

From El Castru:

Distance – 4.7km

Average Gradient – 6.6%

Max Gradient – 12%

Start Altitude – 274m

Summit Altitude – 583m

Total climbed – 308m

Difficulty: Fairly tough – Cat 3 climb

Road conditions: Good

From Candanal

Distance – 7km

Average Gradient – 6.7%

Max Gradient . 12%

Start Altitude – 126m

Summit Altitude – 583m

Total climbed – 458m

Difficulty – Tough – Cat 2 climb

Road Conditions – Good

View from Fumarea Road to Fumarea

Fumarea desde Candanal fumarea desde Castro

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