Alto de Gamoniteiro or Gamoniteiru

The Gamoniteiro is the highest paved road in Asturias so it’s of no surprise that it’s not that easy to get to.

The main problem is that most people think you have to climb La Cobertoria, one way or the other, to get to the turn for the Gamoniteiro and the Cobertoria is one tough climb. However, that’s not entirely true. Having studied the area a little I found that you can also climb El Cordal and take the road to Cuchu Pueru, a little known climb even in Asturias. Although seldom used, it is passable on a road bike and is a little more forgiving than the Cobertoria, although even then you come out on the Cobertoria on ramps of 14%.
In my opinion this route is much nicer than going up the Cobertoria. The views are great and despite some pretty tough ramps, there are several opportunities for a respite.

The Gamoniteiro on its own is 7 km’s long and averages 10% so it’s certainly a tough one. As mentioned above, it’s the highest ridable mountain in Asturias. The peak is well known for housing the antenna that supplies the TV signal to Asturias but the downside to this is that at the top you are met with a view of high metal fencing and not particularly attractive buildings. Despite this, the views on the way up are impressive and the views looking back down stunning.
The gradients are quite shallow to start with but they soon ramp up to double figures and stay that way for most of the climb with several sections where the gradients reach 17%. The road, although narrow, is surprisingly good. However, there are two short sections (3k from the top and right at the top) of really lumpy cement that are terrible. To make matters worse, they are both on really steep sections of the climb so are really tough to ride on.

The hardest part of the climb is the final kilometer which averages 13.3% but keeping the antenna insight helps you to struggle to the top
Here are the Stats:
Distance: 7 kms
Average Gradient: 10%
Max Gradient: 18%
Elevation Gain: 625m (1584m from La Vega)
Max Altitude: 1772m
Cat 2 (on Stava)
Level 4 – seriously tough

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