Alto de La Bobia (Mi)

Set in the heart of one of the main mining areas of Asturias the Alto de la Bobia certainly isn’t the longest of climbs but it’s a great one to add to routes going through the Nalon Valley.
Short it maybe but easy it’s not. Its 4km length averages almost 8% and it has a max gradient of 12% and whilst it’s not a brutal climb, it certainly makes you work to get to the top. It’s also a very pleasant little climb, with great scenery, pleasant villages and decent , almost traffic free, roads.
The climb itself starts at the bridge crossing the river Nalon at Blimea (Sam Martin del Rey Aurelio) and can be a little tricky to find (well it would be if you didn’t have the map below). As you ride through Blimea on the AS-117 there is a sign right by the turn which takes you over the bridge. You then turn left and a few meters further on turn right where the road starts to kick up. This is the Carretara de Bobia and it’s all the way up from there.
It starts off steep and stays that way almost to the top, although there is a little respite near the finish. It’s max gradient is 12% which is near the start of the climb and later on it frequently reaches 10% and rarely drops below 8%. Although short, it’s one of those climbs that seems to be a lot longer than it really is.
At the top of the climb there is a fuente (water fountain) where you can refill your bottle and on a hot day you will need it. It’s a nice ride on the way down the other side and if you’re feeling strong you can turn left at the bottom and climb up the last two thirds of the Colladiella, which is a lovely climb.

Distance: 3.7km
Average Gradient: 8%
Max Gradient: 12%
Max Altitudude: 586m
Elevation Gain: 310m
Strava CAT:3
Difficulty: Hard but short

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