Alto de La Campa (From Vega de Sariego) (CA)

La Campa from Sariego is a relatively short and easy climb. As from Villaciciosa it averages ony 4% but is much shorter at only 2.8km long. It is worth including in the climb list though as it is a very popular route and is a road often used in the Vuelta a España. It also features in the Clasica Los Puertos Esmeralda.

The ride offers attractive views of the mountains and is reletivly free of traffic. There is also an attractive water fountain should you need to top up your water bottles.

Stava Segment:


Distance: 2.8km

Average Gradient: 4%

Max Gradient: 6%

Total Gradient gain: 117m

Strava Cat: 4

Difficulty: Easy

Road conditions: Good (Early Jan 2014 roads being relayed in parts)

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