Alto de La Colladona (Mi)


The Alto de la Colladona is a climb that is no stranger to the Vuelta a España, it’s last appearance being in 2014 (catagorised as 1st Cat). It’s essentially a climb of two halves. Starting at Pola de Laviana, the first 5k rarely goes above 3% and it’s not until the village of Tolivia that the second part and real climb begins. At Tolivia the percentage rises to 7% and from here on in, it hovers between 6% and 8% all the way to the top, without hardly any respite.


It’s a very attractive climb offering some stunning views. Although the last 6k are quite tough, their consistency means that, once you get into a rhythm, it’s not too energy sapping; so you should be able to enjoy the views. If you do have lots of energy left you can always descend the other side and climb the much tougher Coto Bello on the other side of the AS-112.


Stats and Route:

Distance: 11.5km

Average Grade: 5%

Max Grade: 8.5%

Max Elevation: 850m

Elevation Gain: 554m

Difficulty: Medium – As it never rises above 8% it’s not too tough a climb but it’s long and energy sapping.

Road conditions: Good for the majority of the way but nearer the top there are 3 or 4 patches that are in a really bad state. You need to be careful of these patches coming down as they are wheel breakers (road last viewed Oct 2016).

Alto Colladona