Alto de San Lorenzo (from Riera) (SA)

There isn’t an easy way to get to the Alto de San Lorenzo, wether coming from Somiedo or Teverga you are in for a tough climb. From La Riera you are hit by double figure gradients from the very start, indeed the very first stretch goes up to 17%. There is little relief after that for the next 4 km’s until the village of Las Morteras, where finally the road eases off and there is a momentary chance to catch your breath. The climb soon gets its revenge though with an average. If you have run out of water there is a good excuse to stop and refill at about kilometer 5.5 at the water fountain in the village of Ordeñas. Apart from a false flat at kilometer 8 its double figure stuff virtually all the way to the top. The good thing about the climb is that the gradient is pretty consistent so once you get into a rhythm you should be OK apart from the several stretches of 17%.

Long and steep best describes the climb but it is worth it as the scenery is spectacular.

The climb has also been used in the past as part of the Vuelta route.

No photos I’m afraid but I will post some soon hopefully.

Here are the Stats

Distance: 10.1km

Average gradient: 8.3%

Max gradient: 17%

Altitude at top: 1343m

Altitude at bottom: 834m

Total Altitude climbed: 834m

Difficulty: Very tough . HC category climb

Road conditions: Good to excellent

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