Alto de San Tirso (From La Peña) (Mi)

San Tirso is a climb that starts on the outskirts of Mieres and heads toward Langreo. At 4.7km with an averaging gradient of 4,6%, it’s not a particularly demanding climb but is a nice one.

The climb starts in La Peña but on Google maps you need to look for La Rampla. It actually doesn’t finish in San Tirso but in a village called Trapa. There is a little bar at the top that serves nice coffee although it is easy to miss as it looks more like an ordinary house than a bar.

Once over the climb you will descend to Langreo, it’s a pleasant descent with nice views and the road conditions are reasonably good.

The profile below (  is not 100% accurate as the gradients are slightly more in some sections and there is a very small stretch that runs up to 7% but it’s not far off.

Here are the Stats:

Distance: 4.7km

Average Gradient: 4.5%

Max Gradient: 7%

Starting Elevation: 202m

Finish Elevation: 425m

Meters climbed: 223m

Cat 3 climb (Strava)

Road Conditions: Pretty good

Difficulty: Easy

Strava segment:

Alto de San Tirso


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