Alto del Torno (from Nueva)

Featuring in Stage 15 of the 2014 Vuelta a Espeña the Alto del Torno (or Puerto del Torno as its classified on the Vuelta route)  will be a warm-up for the final climb of the stage the Lagos de Covadonga. The Torno is not a particularly tough climb but does have several stretches that are quite steep and that could split the peleton.

The climb has three parts, the hardest being the first 3 kilometers which average over 8% and has a stretch maxing at 12%. This tough stretch is then followed by quite a lengthy false flat that for 3 kilometers never averages much more than 3%. The climb finishes off with 2 kilometers that gradually increase in difficulty with the last kilometer averaging almost 8%.

With the false flat the total average gradient of the climb calculates at around 6 % but the steepest sections could well do some damage to the peleton in the Vuelta if any team decides they want to.

The descent back down offers some amazing coastal views but if you descend over the other side the views are also quite spectacular. You also have an alternative route on the way down taking a left turn down to Mestas. This route offers some amazing scenery in un-spoilt countryside and is well worth doing.

Here are the Stats:

Distance: 8.1km

Average Gradient: 6%

Max Gradient: 12%

Max Elevation: 510m

Total climb Elevation: 458m

Difficulty: Tough in parts

Road conditions: Good

Strava Cat 2 climb


Alto del Torno

Alto del Torno






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