Alto La Torneria (EA)

The Alto del Torneria is a climb often used in the Vuelta a Espana and also features in the Sportive La Clasica Los Lagos de Covadonga.

The climb is approx 6kms long and starts off as an easy ascent and gradually gets tougher and tougher as you head up, with the last 2 kilometers averaging just over 10%.


The climb is approached from Llanes, by the coast, and the start of the actual climb starts just past Parres on the LLN-7 (This is on Google maps but some maps may have the road numbered differently). As you climb the views get more and more impressive but with grades starting to average over 10% and sections of 15%, it’s difficult to concentrate too much on the views. Although tough, the last 2 kilometers are consistent which makes it a little easier.


A video of the climb can be seen at minute 12:50 on the video of the Clasica Los Lagos de Covadonga :

Climb Stats:

Distance – 5.7km

Average Gradient – 7%

Max Gradient – 15%

Lowest Elevation – 68m

Highest Elevation – 463m

Road conditions – Reasonable, Fine for climbing

Difficulty: Tough – Cat 2 climb


Strava segment:


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