Collada de Naveda or Alto Arboleya (Ci)

Having checked various sources this climb goes by various names and on Stava is simply called Cb6 climb. However, as this climb is on the Clasica Puertos Esmeralda (the sportive run by CC Nava 2000) and they have called it Collada de Naveda, I guess I should stick with that.

As previously mentioned this climb features in the Clasica Puertos Esmerald 2013, a Sportif organized by the cycling club Nava2000.

The climb starts near the village of Viñon on the AS-255 which runs between Villaviciosa and Infiesto. The climb starts immediately as you turn off the AS-255 onto the CB-6 in the direction of La Puerte and Arboleya. The climb is pretty tough maintaining gradients of around 8%+ all the way. There is a  little descent right at the top which fools you into thinking that’s the end of the climb only to then be faced with a short ascent of over 10% before the climb eventually levels off once you pass Arboleya. Once at the top there is a pleasant descent down to Nava.

I have used the profile as it is quite accurate.

Here are the Stats:

Distance – 3.7km

Min Elevation – 163m

Max Elevation 441m

Elevation Gain – 282m

Average Gradient – 7.6%

Max Gradient – 15%

Difficulty – Bit of a grind (quite tough) – Strava Cat 3

Collada de Naveda

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