Collada Moandi (Both Ways) (EA)


If you are looking to ride in an area with next to no traffic and with beautiful scenery you can’t do much better than ride to the top of Collada Moandi. The climb is on the edge of the National Park of Redes in the district of Piloña and offers unspoilt natural beauty.

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The climb from Sellaño rises consistently between 7% and 9% so once you get into a rhythm it doesn’t seem that tough although it’s certainly a good workout. The views from the top overlooking the National Park are quite something, so make sure you take your camera.

The roads are almost traffic free and are in good condition although in Autumn there are parts on the descent to Sevares that never really dry out and there are some hairpin bends so descend with caution.

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There is plenty of wildlife in the area and you are likely to see eagles circling the mountains. On the day I rode it with the club some of the guys saw a wild boar standing in the middle of the road.


Here is the profile ans Stats:

Distance: 5.4km

Average Gradient: 7.7%

Max Gradient: 12% (insignificant distance)

Max Elevation: 665m

Meters climbed: 425m

Difficulty: Moderate

Road Conditions: Good roads with next to no traffic, careful on descent.


Collada moandi (Desde Sellaño)


The climb from Roza is a little longer but a little less steep than the climb from Sellaño. The road actually starts to climb from Sevares, 11.8km from the top, but the first 4 kms are pretty insignificant in terms of steepness and the real climb starts from Roza.

Averaging 6% with a total distance of 7.4km it’s not quite as hard as the climb from Sellaño but it does get steep near the top and certainly catches your breath. Most of the route is tree lined and the dappled shade will offer welcome relief on a hot sunny day. The views from the top down to Sellaño are spectacular and it’s certainly one of my favourite climbs.

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Here is the profile ans Stats:

Distance: 7.4km

Average Gradient: 6%

Max Gradient: 10%

Max Elevation: 665m

Meters climbed: 457m

Difficulty: Moderate

Road Conditions: Fairly good roads with next to no traffic, careful on descent.

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