El Carbayu (Mi)

El Carbayu is a fairly short but pretty steep climb in the area of Langreo. The climb starts at Ciaño near Sama.

The gradients are steep from the very start and apart from one short stretch near the very top, are pretty relentless. The gradients range between 8% and 14% and for the most part hover around 9%.

The climb to Carbayu itself is about 3km but you can continue up in the direction of St Emiliano where the eventual top of the climb comes at the 4.9km mark.  Even with a false flat at the top it still averages about 7.6%.


Although steep, it’s a nice climb as it remains pretty consistent throughout, so once you find your rhythm it’s not too bad.

The road surface is pretty good and the views, although not the most spectacular in Asturias, are still very pleasant. If you carry on you connect with the climb of St Emiliano where you can either head back down to Langreo or turn left to Mieres.


Here is the Strava link and the Stats and Profile:


Distance: 4.9km

Average gradient: 7.6% (strava segment says 7% because it includes downhill at the end)

Max Gradient: 14%

Elevation Gain: 378m

Difficulty: Short but tough

Road conditions: Good


Profile by http://39x28altimetrias.com

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