El Cordal (From Pola de Lena) (Mi)

Appearing again in the 2014 Vuelta a España El Cordal is a climb frequently used as the precursor to a summit finish such as the L’Angliru.

The climb in itself would be enough for most of us as it is a real tough climb, averaging about 9% with the last two kilometers being really hard.

It’s located near Pola de Lena just a short distance from the climb Cobertoria which will also be used in the Vuelta in 2014.

The gradients are not particularly consistent until the last 2 kilometers where the gradient is about 11% all the way and just before that there is a false flat. This regular change of gradient and numerous ramps makes the climb even tougher than it would be if it were a steady 9% all the way up. The last two km’s really are tough and should warm your legs up nicely ready for the L’Angliru.

Here are the Stats

Distance: 5.6km

Average Gradient: 8.9%

Max Gradient: 15%

Height at top: 819m

Meters climbed: 501m

Difficulty: Hard

Road conditions: Good

Strava segment: http://www.strava.com/segments/760782

cordal From Pola de Lena

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