El Puerto de Maravio (SA)

The Plateau - Maravio

The Plateau – Maravio

I didn’t know much about the Puerto de Maravio and when I asked friends about it they knew less than me. Now having ridden it I have to say it is one of the most spectacular climbs I have ever ridden.

I was privileged enough to be invited by my good friend Pepe to ride with himself and Carlos Barredo (Former World Tour Professional) on a route testing ride for his new company www.roadcycleasturias.com (of which Carlos will be running the training camps). The route started from Las Caldas carrying on to Grado (Grao) where we joined the AS311 heading South.

The road here is really nice with great scenery but the climb doesn’t start until you reach San Pedro (San Padru), which is 19.4km’s from the summit (see profile below). But even here the real climb to Maravio hasn’t really started as there is still a significant descent to come.

Carlos 4_edited-1

The uninterrupted climbing starts with 10.7kms to go at Vega Villaldin (the views are amazing here) but the real serious Maravio climb comes 5.5km from the top when you approach Villabre and at a crossroads deviate right (Maravio is well signposted here). You certainly know you’ve reached the climb here as suddenly the gradients shoot well up into double figures. You will also notice that the condition of the road surface worsens but to be honest, at the speeds you will be going it won’t make much difference.

The first 1.5 kms of this section is pretty brutal, often reaching gradients of 15% and never really dropping below double figures. The next 1.5kms aren’t much better but with 2.5kms to go the gradients begin to lessen dramatically.

Maravio view copy

It’s kind of strange at the top because there is nothing to really indicate the end of the climb. You simply arrive at a kind of plateau and there’s a road baring right (we went straight on down to Entrago but there are no road signs up there). Although the climbing has essentially finished here the ride along the plateau is stunning and you then come to a Maravio viewpoint which is quite breathtaking.

Carlos & Pepe at the View Point

Carlos & Pepe at the View Point

The descent is great in terms of views but go slow as the road is well pot holed.

Here are the stats:

Distance: Long climb – 19.4kms (From San Pedro)

Medium climb – 10.7kms (From Vega Villadin)

Short, tough climb – 5.2kms (From Villabre)

Average Gradient: Long climb 4.7% – Medium Climb 7%

Max Gradient: 17%

Altitude at summit: 1060m

Meters climbed from San Pedro: 910m

Difficulty: Tough, due to the 3km stretch near the end

Road surface condition: Very Good until last 5 km and descent where it is rough and pot holed.

Visual Impact: Stunning!!!

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Map showing last 10.7km

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