La Campa From Villaviciosa (CA)

La Campa is one of my local climbs and often used in the Vuelta a España. It featured again in 2013 but was not catagorised even though the climb from Villaviciosa is 9km long. This was probably due to its shallow gradient as it only averages 4% but this is still significant enough to justify it’s Cat 2 status on Strava.

It’s a nice climb offering nice scenery down to the valley below. The gradient is pretty steady all the way up to the top (the 11% bit on strava is rubbish) with maybe one or two little stretches of about 6%. It’s quite a popular route as it is a main artery to Villaviciosa but with the new motorway being a quicker way for cars there is very little road traffic. You are likely to see plenty of other cyclists though.

The real climb is 8.9km long averaging 4% and this can be seen on the strava segment but it is often described as 11.6km long and averaging 3.3%.

Strava segment:

Here are the Stats:

Distance: 8.9km

Average Gradient: 4%

Max Gradient: 6%

Total Elevation Gain: 365m

Difficulty: Long but Easy

Road conditions: Very good

La Campa From Villaviciosa

La Campa From Villaviciosa

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