La Camperona (Desde La Hueria Carrocera) (Mi)

La Camperona from La Hueria is another of the many climbs that runs off the (what I call) the Langreo Valley. The climb itself starts a little way off the main AS-17 road at Entrego. Although this climb to Camperona is said to start at La Heuria Carrocera, if you are looking it up on google maps you will not find this place mentioned as it is more of a local name and you will see that the climb on most online maps starts at La Pinera.

The climb itself is a pleasant one, The roads are in pretty good condition the views are nice and it isn’t too hard but at the same time isn’t that easy. The toughest part is the first kilometer which averages about 8% and has a max gradient of 12%. Once you pass this, the rest of the climb averages less than 5% with only the 4th kilometer averaging over 6%.

From the top you can either head left to Carbayin (this is going down the other climb to La Camperona which is significantly tougher) or continue on past Suares to La Cruz and then on to Lieres and the main road to Nava or Pola de Siero.

Here are the Stats:

Distance: 5.5km

Average Gradient: 5.3%

Max Gradient: 12%

Height at Top: 587m

Meters climbed: 315m

Difficulty – Relatively Easy once past the first km

La Camperona

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