La Camperona (From Candin) (Mi)

The climb to La Camperona from Candin is a tough little climb with a gradient that is more often than not in double figures. As soon as you pass the first corner the climb ramps up to 12% and never drops below 10% for the first kilometer. When it does finally fall below 10% this is short lived as you soon find yourself back in double figures. It is this that makes the climb tougher than it seems as ramping up again to 12% makes it difficult to find a good rhythm.
That said it is a nice climb set at the end of a lovely forested valley. To get to it you can come from Langreo along the AS-323 past Tuilla but most commonly it is approached via Carbayin Alto where you will drop down the valley before reaching the climb. The road surface is pretty bad so it’s certainly best to avoid coming back down it because if you do you won’t go much faster down than you did up, unless you want to hit a pothole.
As the climb is near to me I find it a perfect climb for double figure climb training and good preparation for HC climbs later in the year.

will be adding photos soon but for now here are the stats:

Strava segment:

camperona from Candin

Distance: 3.7km
Average Gradient: 7.6%
Max Gradient: 12% (certain profiles show more but my Garmin only registered 12%)
Max Elevation: 578m
Meters climbed: 300
Difficulty: Tough
Road surface: Poor

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