Alto La Mozqueta (desde Ciaño) (Mi)

After riding this climb and looking it up on the internet I found it all a bit confusing. On strava the route I took is called ‘Collada de Polio’ but judging from the maps I have looked at Polio is some kilometers away. At the top of the sign there is a plaque that says Alto La Mozqueta so I’m going to stick with that (since writing this there is now a segment on strava called the Mozqueta).  The finish of the climb is very near La Colladiella.


This climb is in the heart of the mining region of Asturias and starts in Ciaño near Langreo just off the AS-17. The climb itself is on the LA-7. There is a stark contrast between the beginning and end of the climb and I must admit I was surprised at just how amazing the views were. Starting in the somewhat run down heart of the industrial mining region, in no time at all you find yourself climbing wooded slopes,  and surrounded by spectacular views. The only downside is that it’s difficult to take it all in because the climb soon steepens and it’s head down virtually all the way. Once you have reached the top and round the bend to La Colladiella you will see the Pico Arquera and a monument to the miners of the region (see photo below).

The first 3 or 4 kilometers are pretty undemanding but then the gradients begin to rise and it’s pretty tough all the way to the top. Every time I looked down at the Garmin it seemed to be reading 9% and as the climb is 10km in length it is quite a grind. I have attached a profile taken from as it’s the only one I could find. These profiles based on Strava are not completely accurate but it does give you a good idea of the types of gradients you will face.

Here are the Stats

Distance – 10km

Min Elevation – 223m

Max Elevation – 848m

Elevation Gain – 625m

Average Gradient – 6%

Max Gradient – 14%

Rating – Quite Hard – Cat 2 on Strava

La Colladiella desde CiañoColladiella signcolladiella_cianyo1Monumento-minero-en-lo-Alto-de-la-Colladiella-600x420

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