La Cruz de Peon (From Peon) (CA)

The Cruz de Peon is a tough climb situated in the picturesque countryside between Gijon and Villaviciosa. Most of its 4.2km has a gradient above 8% with several stretches reaching up to 14%. Although tough, the good thing is that the climb is pretty consistent so once you find your rhythm it is quite manageable, although that said my Garmin seemed to read 12% virtually all the way so it’s no walk over.
The climb can be reached either via the N-632 which runs between Gijon and Villaviciosa or from the AS-331 which runs from near Pola de Siero. If coming from the AS-331 you will first have to climb the Alta de la Fumarea which in itself is quite a hard climb.
This is a very pretty part of Asturias and offers very pleasurable cycling. The climb itself is a very attractive one, offering pleasant scenery all the way and beautiful views from the top.
Refreshment can be found at the start where there is a bar/restaurant or on the other side at the bottom of the decent in Villaviciosa. The descent to Villaviciosa is a nice one and the roads are in pretty good condition.

Here are the Stats:

Distance – 4.2km
Average Gradient – 8.5%
Max Gradient – 14% (several stretches)
Meters climbed – 355m
Height at top – 438m
Difficulty – Tough -CAT 2 climb
Road conditions – Good

Strava segment:

Profile of La Cruz de Peon

Profile of La Cruz de Peon

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