La Cruz (From Lieres) (CA)

The climb of La Cruz begins in Lieres not far from Pola de Siero. I had ridden down it several times and hadn’t really taken much notice of the gradient but now having ridden up it I can tell you it’s tougher than the average 7.3% (from the start point on Strava) suggests.  This is mainly because the 1st kilometer is only about 3%. Once past the first kilometer you soon hit 10% and it pretty much stays that way all the way to the top.

Although quite steep it is a nice climb as it has quite a consistent gradient (of around about 9%) so once you get into a rhythm you can just put your head down until the top.

The Stats

Start point- 248m. At the top 536m. Total climb 288m and (if starting from the turn off from Lieres) 4.2km in length.

Average – Sources vary but let’s say about 7%

Max – 13% (short bit near the start)

The profile below shows gradients which are rather on the high side as my Garmin shows between 8 & 11 most of the way.

La Cruz desde Lieres

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