San Martin de Huerces (CA)

The Climb of San Martin de Huerces is a well known climb in Gijon and is renowned for being a real leg breaker. Apart from a shallow part near the top the climb averages between 11% and 19% virtually all the way up.

The climb features in the Marcha Cicloturista Villa de Gijon (as in the video) which is a sportive run by Grupo Ciclista Buenavista.  Always coming toward the end of the ride it sorts the men out from the boys.

The best thing about the climb is that it’s short, at only 2.6km’s but it feels much longer. I won’t try and explain how to get to the climb as it’s a little complicated to explain but you shouldn’t have any problems if you follow the map below.

Here are the Stats:

Distance – 2.6 km’s

Average Gradient – 10%

Max Gradient – 19%

Elevation gain – 255m

Max Elevation – 415m

Difficulty – Short but very tough

Roads – Good condition

Strava segment:

San Martin

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