Puerto de La Cubilla (SA)

La Cubilla is one of the longest climbs in Asturias. Just shy of 30km long it offers spectacular scenery typical of the mountainous region of Asturias and is almost traffic free.

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Despite it being a Puerto (meaning a crossing into the next province) the road is not suitable to traverse into Leon as the road down to Leon is simply a dirt track. Don’t be fooled by the tarmac road bearing right at the top because I can assure you it doesn’t lead anywhere. Hopefully one day they will tarmac the road all the way to San Emiliano because it would make an amazing circular mountain route.

So once at the top it’s back down the way you came but it’s certainly worth it and you won’t get bored of the views.


It’s certainly not the toughest of climbs in terms of gradient with only a handful of short ramps reaching 10%. In fact the average gradient is only 5% but that’s mainly due to the first 10km hardly ever reaching more than 2.5%. However, after 27.6kms of climbing your legs will probably be relieved to reach the top.

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Road conditions are pretty good but there are one or two bumpy patches so be careful coming down. Because it’s a straight up and down climb it probably isn’t the first choice of climbs if you’re only in Asturias a couple of days, but if you are here for a little longer I would certainly recommend it. It’s one of my favourite climbs and the top reminds me a little of the Tourmalet and the views are truly stunning.

Here are the stats and profile. I will add more photos and a video when I climb it in a few weeks time.

Distance – 27.5km

Average gradient – 5%

Max Gradient – 10%

Elevation Gain – approx 1400 m

Altitude at Summit – 1690 m

Difficulty – Tough due to length rather than gradients

Road conditions – I rode it in August 2015 and the condition of the road was pretty good

Puerto de la Cubilla (Asturias)

Profile by: http://39x28altimetrias.com/principal.html 

Strava segment – https://www.strava.com/segments/1244779 

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