Welcome to the Route section of my blog.

Routes can be accessed either by hovering over Routes on the Left hand side Menu or clicking on the respective Zone on this Route Page.

As I live near Pola de Siero many of the Loop routes will start and finish near there, however, the start/finish points can, of course, be anywhere along the route.

Many of the routes will cross zones so have been catagorized in the zone of the main destination furthest away from the start point. For Example Nava>Cangas Onis>Sellaño>Nava will come under Eastern Asturias as this is the zone for Sellaño. That said, some routes may appear in more than one zone if I feel they need to be.

I will provide Route maps for each route and add photos and information about things of local interest whenever possible. Some routes can be seen at  but each route will have its own route map on the page once I get time to add them.

Routes are graded from Level 1 to 4.

Level 1 – Easy riding with no significant climbing

Level 2 – Easy riding with the odd climb below 6%

Level 3 – Getting tough as has one or two climbs over 6% or very long

Level 4 – Tough! Mainly climbing with significant ramps and likely HC climbs.

Ungradable – Pure pain!


Eastern Asturias

Western Asturias

Central Asturias

HC Climb Routes

Coastal Routes

Other Routes

Epic Routes


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