Loop ride around the Picos de Europa – 200km (EA)

If you are looking for an epic ride when staying in Asturias you can’t do much better than this 200km loop. Everyone of the 200km offers stunning views and the ride will take you through Asturias, Cantabrica and Castilla y Leon.

The ride starts at Cangas de Onis in Asturias and heads to Panes and Potes in Cantabrica. From Potes you climb the 26.7km San Glorio into Castilla y Leon and head to Riano then back down into Asturias and Cangas de Onis.

The scenery truly is stunning throughout the ride but my particular favourite is the stretch before you reach Panes which you can see on the video at minute …….

The ride to Panes is pretty flat but the ride to Potes starts to rise a little. The San Glorio although 26.7km long is pretty easy for the first 10km but from then on and with tired legs, it gets pretty tough.

Once at the summit you descend into Castilla y Leon where your legs can get a well earned rest. However, once at the botoom you need to get to the Puerto El Ponton before all the climbs are behind you. Normally the ride to El Porton wouldn’t be very hard but after having ridden for 5 hours your legs might be finding it tougher than you thought. The road steadily rises until the last toughish section to the summit of El Porton.

The good news is once at the summit, the rest of the ride is all downhill. The relief at this point is quite overwhelming if you are anything like me. The road down is great and although it eventually levels off, there are no more tough bits so it’s any easy ride into Cangas de Onis.

There are plenty of villages and bars to stop and take a break on the way and if you’re not in a hurry there are some great view points and photo opportunities.

If you have the legs for it, I would seriously recommend this ride. It is an unforgettable experience.

Here is the link to the route map: http://www.strava.com/routes/270844 or http://en.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/spatialArtifacts.do

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