Pola>Puente Aguera>Villaviciosa>Pola (87km)

I recently rode this route with my cycling club and must say it is one of my favourite local routes. The first 25km is pretty uneventful as it takes you on the main road to Infiesto but once you turn off, the route takes you through some great countryside.

Once you turn off just before Infiesto you climb to La Llama. It’s not much of a climb but is a really nice road. Once at La Llama you head down in the direction of Colunga. At Puente (bridge) Aguera, you turn left and begin to climb. The climb is pretty steep and averages about 7% up to San Feliz. The road flattens a bit before climbing again for about another kilometer. The descent is nice but again you have a few little climbs even on the way down before reaching Villaviciosa.

From Villaviciosa you head up La Campa ( http://youtu.be/ux3WyMEV0yY ), a nice little 9km climb just to finish you off. It’s not a tough climb by any means but coming at the end of the ride it feels worse than it actually is.

I really like this ride because once you come off the main road the scenery is great, the roads quiet and the climbing challenging but not too hard. It’s in the heart of the Cider region of Asturias and if you wish to explore more there are lots of little detours you can take. If you fancy a cake stop you will find everything you need in Villaviciosa but there are bars at the top of La Llama and in the various villages you pass through.


Here are a couple of links to the route: http://www.strava.com/routes/333894


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