The route of the Villaviciosa – Colunga Loop

The Villacisiosa > Colunga Loop is a lovely ride in the heart of the Cider region of Asturias. The loop itself is only 40km long but I started my ride from Pola de Siero so the route I did totaled 93km. The loop can just as easily be reached from Gijon, Oviedo or anywhere else within a 50km radius.

Once in Villaviciosa you take directions to Colunga. The ride to Colunga isn’t particularly tough but does include the climb of the Alto de Buenos Aires.  I didn’t ride to Lastres and the coast but it’s a nice addition to the ride if you have time and only adds another 5km or so to the ride.

Once at Colunga you take the AS-258 to Infiesto, which heads in the direction of the climb of La Llama. However, instead of climbing La Llama you take a right turn when you reach the Puente de Aguera.

The road begins to climb almost immediately. Parts of the climb are pretty tough, touching double figures and in total the climb up to San Feliz is 3.2km long and averages 7%. It’s one of the most peaceful roads I have ever ridden and I don’t remember seeing one car on the road all the way to the top. Once at San Feliz you bear right (I think it’s the AS 330), following the sign to Villaviciosa.

The decent to Villacisiosa is almost as peaceful. Although a descent there are two significant climbs on the way down, and the views are outstanding. To get back to Pola de Siero from Villaviciosa  I had to climb the 9km La Campa climb, so there was little respite but it’s not too tpugh a route.

My camera wasn’t working when I rode it but I will ride it again soon and be sure to post some pics.

The stats from Pola de Siero:

Distance: 93.5km

Elevation gain: 1513m

Here is a link to the route I took

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