Clasica Lagos de Covadonga

The Clasica Lagos de Covadonga is the best known and most popular of the Sportives in Asturias and indeed Spain, wth well over 3000 participants. This is largely due to the fact that the sportive as the name suggests, always finishes at the top of Los Lagos de Covadonga, the most famous and mythical of the Asturian HC summits

The sportive is run by the cycling club CCT Navastur and details of the sportive can be found on their website

Below is an image of the route for the 2013 sportive and although the route can vary a little, the distance and difficulty is always pretty much the same.


If you are thinking of taking part in a Sportive in Spain this is certainly one you should consider. It’s tough but I have climbed Los Lagos so most regular cyclists should manage it OK and it’s a breathtaking climb.




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