Marcha Cicloturista Villa de Gijon

The Marcha Cicloturista Villa de Gijon is a Sportive run by Grupo Ciclista Buenavista The route is about 100km’s long and takes you in and around Gijon climbing a total of around 1700m. The main climbs include the Cruz de Peon from Pedroso and the short but brutal Sam Martin de Huerces which reaches gradients of up to 20%. Because it’s so tough you are given the option of an easier route if you’re not feeling up to it.

It’s an enjoyable ride and certainly isn’t a race as you are obliged to stop several times and after the climb of the San Martin all the riders meet up just outside Gijon to ride into the finish together.

This year Carlos Sainz rode with us and Carlos Barredo and Chechu Rubiera were in attendance.


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