The climbs of Sotres and Moandi – A good weekend on the bike

Last weekend I went on two great rides with CC Nava 2000, which included two of the best climbs in Asturias.

On Friday we rode from Cangas de Onis to the Alto de Sotres and then back to Cangas de Onis, a total of 97.5km. It was the first time I had ever ridden to Sotres, but as it features in this years Vuelta a España I was really keen to climb it.

The area of Sotres is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Asturias and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Despite overcast skies the views were breathtaking. The climb itself is a real challenge, especially the last km and a half, just past Sotres. Below are some photos from the ride plus you can see more in the climb section: and there are some more pics on the websites Facebook Page;

On Sunday we rode from Nava to Selleno via Collada Moandi, which is one of my favourite climbs, and then back to Nava via Cangas; a total of 100.5km. The Moandi climb isn’t that famous or well known but I think it’s one of the most picturesque climbs in Asturias. The road is in good condition, traffic free and set in beautiful countryside. The last time we rode up Moandi some of the guys saw a wild boar crossing the road. You can find out more about the climb here: (although on Sunday we climbed it from the other side, which I still need to add to the site). You can see some photos of the ride below and I will publish some more on Facebook soon.

Here are the strava links to the routes:

Moandi –

Sotres –

Here are some pics of the rides:

Sotres t3

Final push to Jitu de Escarandi (Sotres)


Moandi scene 12

Road to Moandi


Descending Sotres

Descending Sotres

Climbing to Sotres

Climbing to Sotres

Moandi hitch

Hitching a lift (Moandi)


Sotres 10

Looking Back Sotres

Moandi View2

Descending Moandi

Moandi top 3

Arriving at Moandi


Sotres Mario top

Starting the descent Sotres

Moandi scene5

Descending Moandi


Moandi scene10

Group descent Moandi