It’s been a tough month!

It’s been a while since my last post but it’s been a tough month.  my mother past away in early February and her loss has hit me hard. On top of that business isn’t good so generally not a great month and a half. Despite everything I have kept up the cycling apart from a week in the UK for my mother’s funeral.

The last month has actually shown me what a great sport cycling is. It has helped me through a tough period, given me something to look forward to and has been a great release for my emotions and stress.

In February ran a Hardrider challenge the goal being to ride over 10000 meters in 28 days to be eligible for the prize draw. Despite a week in the UK and various days with snow I completed the challenge and despite not winning the prize draw, I did win a T-shirt for the best hard rider story. I know it’s only a T-shirt but it really cheered me up as it was the first bit of good news I had all year.

Over the last month I have also increased my longest ride to almost 70km and last week smashed some of my Strava personal bests, so all in all things are coming along well. Last weekend I rode to the coast which was great and used a route used in the Vuelta España. Amazingly I was only just over a minute slower than the pros ride up a 2.8km climb so I was pretty pleased with that.

On the nature front I have seen lots of Eagles but the most surprising thing was seeing an Emu sitting in a field surrounded by a load of chickens. Just wish I had had my camera.

The snow has now returned and without the Hardrider challenge to motivate me, I am unlikely to hit the roads until it clears on Friday, although I hope to do some miles on the Turbo in the barn to keep the legs active.

Been great watching the Paris – Nice and the Tirreno – Adriatico on TV and great to see SKY doing so well.