There she blows and a New video

Like most of Europe, the weather here in Asturias hasn’t been exactly conducive to cycling. Last week Asturias registered winds of 160km per hour so  I was quite happy to sneak in about 150km between hurricanes’.

Now the wind has died down of course it starts raining, so I will be pleased if I manage 150km this week.  Today the snow line was only about 100m above my village so I might not be able to get too much climbing in.

I did manage to take a new video. It’s a video of a local climb called La Cruz and although not a long climb, its double figure gradients make it seem much longer. I rushed the editing of the video a little so I apologies for the few missing letters in the captions.

Blog Updates

I have had a frustrating week and half as I can’t ride due to a saddle sore. Still, that has given me some time to update and add several things to the blog:

Bike Asturias is now on Twitter and there is a twitter feed to the page on the left hand side menu. I have added several climbs to the Climbs Section including; La Cobertoria and La Farrapona (which is likely to feature in the 2014 Vuelta) and Collada Moandi. I have also added a regional map to the Climbs Section and generally improved the page itself, making it easier to find climbs by region.

I have also added a new 100km route to the Route Section; Nava>Sellaño>Nava. I have made a few more tweaks here and there and plan to add several more routes over the coming weeks.

Can’t wait to get back on the bike. Might do something epic before the snow comes in but I’ll have to see how the legs feel after such a long break.

Happy Cycling!