Wildlife and Twinges.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had too many opportunities since my 200km ride to go out on the bike. However, on the few occasions I have, I have been quite surprised that my pace has been pretty good up the hills and I have even set some new PB’s on Strava segments, without even trying. So it seems riding 200km is good training, although I have absolutely no plans to test the theory by doing it again.

On the down side I was out with the club last week and as soon as the pace began to increase I had a twinge in my calf muscle. I think I actually damaged it gardening a couple of days before rather than riding and although it didn’t hurt much, I decided to pull off and ride home at a leisurely pace.

After a few days off the bike it felt fine, so on Thursday I was back on the bike. Despite feeling good and setting another PB on Strava, the twinge returned toward the end of the ride. I can still feel it but even so I will go on the clubs social ride tomorrow and just try to take it easy. My doctor also said I shouldn’t ride because of a chest infection I have (I’m on antibiotics) but she just doesn’t get the cycling bug thing and the only cure for it is to go out and ride.

One of the nicest things about my recent rides has been the wildlife I have come across. It’s not uncommon here in Asturias to have Eagles or other birds of prey flying above, or even next to you, but on the 200km ride I was lucky enough to have two Storks flying right in front of me. It was in Castilla y Leon, where storks are more common and can often be found nesting in church bell towers.

On my ride the other day I was out in the sticks when I suddenly thought I saw a cat running along the road. However, as I got nearer I realised it was a Mink (or at least I think that’s what it was, having looked at photos on the internet). It didn’t seem too shy and just poodled along the road right past me. On the same ride, approaching my house, I suddenly heard a noise in the bushes right next to me and as I turned, out jumped Bambi. Well ok it didn’t have spots but it was a beautiful young deer. Unfortunately the next animal I saw was a yakking little dog that was trying to bite my ankles as I rode by but you kind of get used to that around here.

I have a tough Sportive next weekend, so I guess I will have to listen to the doctor and the twinges and take it easy for a few days after tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I get on.


Happy Cycling!