A good month riding and Cycling fame.

Well October proved to quite a tough but rewarding month on the bike. I rode 929km and climbed over 15000m and I have the saddle sore to prove it. The saddle sore means I’m off the bike for a week which is probably not a bad thing, although I am missing it already. There were several firsts in October, my first 100 miler, climbing Peña Mayor on a road bike when it’s only suitable for a mountain bike (didn’t know that beforehand), climbing Coto Bello and climbing La Colladiella from Sotrondio, so all in all a good month (I won’t mention the two times I fell off).

In October I also obtained cycling fame and was featured alongside the likes of Purito in last months cycling magazine ‘Ciclismo a fondo’. Well OK, I wasn’t exactly featured and I didn’t even know I was in it until I was browsing through the magazine while waiting to get my haircut (the president of my cycling club is my hairdresser). I was leafing through the pages and noticed an article about the recent Sportive I took part in the ‘Los Puertos Esmeralda’ which also contained two photos. At first I didn’t notice but then suddenly realized I was in one of the photos. It’s a photo of a group of riders looking relaxed climbing up a hill with their thumbs up and then just behind them is this poor guy struggling up the hill with his head down. Yep! You guessed it; I’m the poor guy with the head down. I like to think it’s because I’m catching them at a blistering pace but you decide for yourself as here is the pic:

I'm catching them, honest!
I’m catching them, honest!

I haven’t any specific cycling objectives for November, just looking forward to getting on the bike again. I’m slowly adding routes and more climbs to the blog and hope one day someone will find it handy if visiting Asturias.